Only ten months on and I’d already got through five of them! Luckily, I only paid full price for one or I’d have been quite miffed. I started with the Tomy Freestyle fleece (I’m not even sure this is available any more). This carrier was fantastic for a newborn, and as the mother of a very clingy baby it was a life saver – I could walk the dog and vacuum the house whilst wearing it and often he would fall right asleep. However, at about three months his little legs got so long they were banging against mine and as his weight increased the straps cut into my shoulders. I couldn’t wear him any higher because the straps would have cut into my tender bosoms.

Carrying A Baby

At the same time I tried and failed to get to grips with on of those sling carriers with loops. Though other mums I have spoken to have found them brilliant, I always seemed to get the metal bits digging into baby. Maybe I was doing something wrong, but I always seemed to tie myself into a pickle with it. 19 after my shoulders had been getting sore from the previous carrier; this came along at exactly the right time. The weight distribution on this carrier was such that I could once again comfortably take baby and dog out on long walks, and only stared to feel his weight after about 45 minutes hard walking. However, there are some plastic clips about head-height for baby and he was banging his head on them so I wrapped them in a scarf so that he wouldn’t be sore. A bit of a minor nuisance there.

By six or so months it was time for a back carrier so I bought a Karrimoor one off eBay. This was Ok, but I felt it had been designed for someone with wider shoulders than me. The straps that held baby in place were quite thin too, so I was concerned that he may slip out. Baby sat quite high on my back so he had a good view of the world though, so I may re-use it again when he is bigger. I finally bought a Tomy Snugli, which was much lighter and so comfy that baby has fallen asleep in it a few times. I can carry him for miles in this, though at ten months he is again feeling a bit heavy for it, the straps have started digging into my shoulders again.

UPDATE:  At almost 17 months, baby was standing up in the Snugli, and lurching over my shoulder on walks.  It was also cutting quite badly into my shoulders and squeaking like a little mouse with clogs on.  After seeing a Littlelife carrier used by a friend of mine, I bought this model.

It took about a week to break in, because it was heavier than the one that i’d been using, but he seems very secure indeed in it.  I can crouch down and stand up without feeling that I’m going to send him flying, and it has a large storage pocket for spare nappies if need be.  I can put it on easily myself, and there’s a soft fleecy pad with animals on so that he has something to rest on and look at.  Big thumbs up so far, though i wonder if the hip straps could be lower.