Have you decided to create or have already opened your own toy store? Then sooner or later you will have a need for a reliable supplier of goods. Trusting the first comer is not worth it, because there is a risk of losing a large amount of money or even ruining it. We propose to find out together what problems can be encountered in cooperation with wholesale suppliers of toys.

About everything and about anything

As a rule, responsible suppliers are not scattered at once. They have a clear concept and specific focus. If you see thousands of items in the catalog on the supplier’s website, ranging from toy railways, baby food or egg-cooking devices, to fur products and car tires, then close this page as quickly as possible and don’t even think about returning .

The huge number of diverse goods listed on the site suggests that they most likely are not available in the warehouse of the supplier. Your order will reach a painfully long time, and the “generous” supplier will begin to feed regular “breakfasts”. If you don’t like gastronomic tricks, use the services of those companies that supply toys specifically.

For example,in the catalog of wholesale stores of toys Fishkatoys you will find only what you were looking for, nothing more. At the same time, the widest range of products will allow you to choose the best in price and quality options.

Loose contact

Toy Supplier To be confident in the responsible work of the supplier of toys, you need to be able to constantly communicate with him. Phone numbers and email addresses listed on the site must be valid and working. It often happens that the customer, having pre-ordered or even paid for the goods, cannot then “get through” to the supplier, find out about the fate of the desired toys or return his money.

In order not to fall for such frauds, from the very beginning the customer should know where the warehouse or office is geographically located and personally meet with the wholesale supplier of toys. This is the only way to immediately discuss all the conditions of cooperation, and in case of any problems, do not allow the supplier to escape.

The site Fishkatoys indicated contactswhich are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can place an order or clarify any information by phone or e-mail. If this way of interaction does not suit you, you can come to our office, to the warehouse, or arrange a meeting with a company representative where it is convenient for you. Personal contact is the key to successful collaboration.

Big ambitions with small opportunities

This item has something in common with the first. If the supplier made a beautiful site and “stuffed” it with an incredible assortment of quantities, even if only toys, without foreign goods, then blindly trust and rush to place an order is not worth it. Availability may be fictitious, that is, the product is actually not in stock.

Again, wait until it reaches you will take a long time. In order to avoid doubts from customers, Fishkatoys offers to visit our warehouses, see all products with their own eyes, touch if you wish, and make sure that they really exist, are free from defects and can be instantly sent to your address.

“Dropshipping? No, not heard … “

Dropshipping is the most popular model for selling goods on the Internet. Its essence is that a customer orders a specific product from an intermediary, and he, in turn, looks for a proven supplier and orders what he needs from him. Thus, the customer does not care at all where to look for the necessary, he just needs to correctly formulate his wishes.

The mediator is constantly expanding the number of contacts and gets a certain percentage for his work. Dropshipping: how to buy toys in bulk If the wholesale supplier of toys does not welcome dropshipping, then it is impossible to purchase its goods at retail. By the way, our company sells children’s toys both wholesale and on a dropshipping basis.