When it comes to baby shower decorating ideas, your imagination is the only limit you’ll ever come across! First of all, throw away the notion that great looking decorations have to be expensive. That’s simply not true.To get your creative juices flowing, check out some of the cool baby shower decorating ideas we have assembled for you. Implement them at the next shower you organize and be prepared to receive compliments from everyone!

Using Balloons Creatively 

Balloons mean that you are having a party of some sort! And balloons can certainly enhance baby showers as well. Here are some ideas for you.One of the primary uses of balloons is to create “color spots” around the room / venue of the shower. It’s pretty simple. Tie together several helium-filled balloons into a bunch. Get hold of baby items like a baby bottle (filled with water), booties, soft toys, etc. Use these items as anchors and tie the balloon bunch to them.

Balloon Tip – always use an odd number of balloons in a bunch. They look much better that way. Also, tie the balloons so that they float about seven feet above the ground.This is to prevent the balloons from obstructing the view for those in the room.In addition, if there are large baby items like a stroller, tie a balloon bunch or two to them as well.That will enhance their look. Do the same with the gifts table.

Last But By No Means The Least – tie balloon bunches to the mother to be’s chair! In fact, tie several such bunches to her chair. She will look and feel like royalty at her shower!

Umbrellas and Showers 

What could be more natural and expected than umbrellas at showers! Here is how you can use them. Open the umbrellas and place them upside down. Attach streamers (multiple colors) to them and suspend the umbrellas from the ceiling. The streamers should be above head level, again to prevent obstructing the view. Along with streamers, you could get hold of colorful yarn and bunch them up inside and over the edge of the umbrellas. Looks terrific.

Tulle Creations 

Want to have a snow white mountain at your shower? It’s quite simple. Get hold of tulle. Position white small decorative lights within it. Pile the tulle in a bunch on a table and turn on the lights. You have a beautiful white mountain! There are more baby shower decorating ideas with tulle. Here’s one. Take a supply of tulle and bunch it up every five or six feet. Tie each bunch securely with ribbons. Next, wrap small decorative lights around the length. Hang the assembly on walls. While you can use this at any party, for baby showers, suspend small baby items like booties, soft toys, etc from the tulle. Use ribbons to tie bows at various points. You now have a lovely decoration for your shower!

Decoration Ideas 

You can buy confetti that says “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl”. Sprinkle lots on gift tables and other locations across the room.Get hold of small boxes of different heights. Place them in an appealing way on tables and cover them with baby blankets. This gives a nice look to the tables.Buy an artificial tree and hang baby items from it. Use diapers, bottles, shampoos, bibs and other assorted stuff. Hang twinkle lights as well for an added effect.

And Here’s A Classic – hang diapers from a clothesline put up in the room. Get hold of a marker pen and spell out “baby shower”, with one letter on each diaper. Looks cute! Use these ideas to trigger your own creative juices. Come up with your original twists on these baby shower decorating ideas.The mother to be and the guests will love it!