The concept of “dropshipping” is already widely known in Ukraine. For those who are not familiar with it yet, we explain: this is a peculiar form of online trading. It provides for the implementation of the supplier’s products through a dropping, i.e. intermediary. The task of the dropship is to attract customers, receive payments from them and place orders with the supplier.

The latter, in turn, packs the goods and sends them to the buyer’s address, bypassing the middleman. Dropshiper’s earnings is the difference between the price of the goods offered by the supplier and the amount that the buyer actually pays. Roughly speaking, the income depends on the “cheating” prices.

The wholesale online storehouse of children’s toys “Fishkatoys” decided to consult an expert on how much dropshipping is relevant and beneficial in conditions when Ukraine is going through hard times from an economic point of view.

Viktor Frolov, economist-marketer, owner of the online store “Such a phenomenon as dropshipping (Ukraine) was developed around 2008. Then the global economic crisis forced many buyers to abandon the purchase of expensive goods in retail networks and try to shop online. It turned out to be much cheaper. ” According to the expert, today consumer demand is greatly reduced again.

This will continue until the crisis reaches its apogee and provokes the emergence of a new economic model both globally and separately on the territory of Ukraine. Until then, potential buyers will either abandon certain acquisitions altogether or choose mostly low-priced products. This also applies to the “toy” market as well.

“Now many people go shopping not to ordinary supermarkets, but to the Internet. Speaking specifically about toys, they are easier to choose, moving from shop to shop with a few clicks with a computer mouse, rather than “driving” around the city. Moreover, on the Internet in a few minutes you can compare the prices of dozens of resources and stop at the most advantageous option for you, ”says Victor Frolov.

Those who need additional income and want to try their hand at trading, the expert recommends starting with dropshipping. “You can find a few good suppliers, copy product descriptions and photos from their websites and place this content on your resource, be it a personal one-page website, a page on a social network or a forum topic.

You can create and unique content, it does not matter, the main task is to interest the buyer. – notes V. Frolov – When the customer “pecked” on the offer, inform your partner-supplier about it and get your money. The rest is the supplier’s concern. Not to mention that over the past two years, the number of dropshippers increased by 30%. “

Dropshipping (toys), unlike many other types of business activities, does not require the investment of its own funds, the organization of warehouses, the office, paying taxes, hiring employees and the like. The only thing you need to have is a personal computer with Internet access.

“Dropshippers risk nothing. Even if some kind of toy, which was recently at the peak of its popularity, has ceased to interest buyers, you, unlike the manufacturer, supplier or the usual retail network, will not suffer losses because you do not make preliminary purchases and you do not have a warehouse which remains unrealized product, “- adds the expert.

Thus, dropshipping is an ideal way to generate income in the conditions of the economic crisis in Ukraine. The wholesale online storehouse of children’s toys “Fishkatoys” offers a partnership to those who are interested in selling children’s toys and are aiming at the speediest improvement of their material well-being.

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