Lambie, or Ewe-an, as I have named him, is a beautiful wooden ride on toy made out of recycled rubberwood with a removable sheepskin seat cover and soft lamb ears. He came partially assembled and at first the assembly looked a bit daunting. Though it was a bit more than a five minute job, once I sat down and read the instructions properly it wasn’t too hard a job. The toy also comes in two other models, a cow (Calfie) and a tiger, and measures in at 48 cm long by 29 wide and 44 high.

It is a great sturdy toy with rubber wheels and a frame that will take a lot of abuse. It is not completely weatherproof, being wood, but it is coated, so the occasional shower or toddler accident won’t ruin it. He has been through puddles and has so far survived. It’s a bit tricky to ride him on grass or heavily gravelled surfaces but my son has still managed, and picks him up if the going gets too tough.

The recommended age range is from 19 months and will last until your child grows out of it – I’ve seen Amazon reviews saying 3 or 4 year olds have played with them but their legs may be too long at some stage. Weight wise, it will take even my weight though. And when your little one has finished with him, lambie is sturdy enough to last another few generations, I’d say. In the first few days we managed to get paint all over it so I whipped the seat off and tossed it in the wash with my other washing and didn’t notice until I was hanging it on the line that it said to hand wash only. I stretched it back on and it was ok, so it will probably stand a few light machine washes.

The steering was a bit loose when I tightened it so my Dad had to make a few adjustments – I think my hands weren’t quite strong enough. My son hadn’t any experience of steering before and he adapted to it very easily. He really loves it and took to it straight away and to be honest has hardly been off it, to the point where I’ve had to stop him taking it to bed with him! It’s strong, sturdy, beautiful to look at and a great sensory item for your child to touch. It teaches the concept of steering and promotes independence and its friendly animal face will make it feel like a lovely family pet.The only thing I would alter is that I would put poppers on the seat cover to secure it to the underside of the seat because it does come off really easily. But it does make a really cute/silly lamb hat too!  The seat is now in a drawer because it came off too much.